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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 5, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EST

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good morning america. and arctic blast. the coldest weather of the season barreling across the country. frigid temperatures dropping as much as 35 degrees below normal. snow and icy roads leading to this huge pileup. high winds toppling the steep of this church. the 7-year-old has just come out of the woods alone, scratched. and think she was involved in a plane crash. >> miracle survivor. this 7-year-old girl walked away from the plane crash that killed her family. traveling nearly a mile over this rugged terrain to find help. no shoes, a t-shirt and shorts in severe weather. celebrating a ground-breaker. >> when you die, it does not mean that you lose to cancer. you beat cancer by how you live
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why you live and in the manner in which you live. >> espn original stuart scott. the man who put the hip-hop in sports casting. the outpouring of love. the touching tributes and his inspirational message. ♪ how you like me now ♪ and a dramatic comeback. the cowboys roar back against the lions. why is everybody talking about this. new jersey governor chris christie hugging the team's owner. the family comes to his defense this morning. and we do say good morning, america, on this first monday of the new year. great to have team all back together after the holiday. what a comeback there by the cowboys. >> and what a hug from chris christie boy, lighting up social media. twitter and facebook.
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wondering why is governor of new jersey is such a cowboy fan. his brother came to his defense. he told everybody on facebook to get a life. >> guess he told us. the frigid weather across the country. the wind chill approaching 50 below in minnesota. ginger is tracking it all. >> the temperatures are no joke. 25 below is hat it feels like in minneapolis. 32 green bay. the winner 43 for international false. it all came along with a powerful cold front. this is a steeple from a church. at least eight confirmed tornadoes throughout the southeast. the service is going on. the steeple is ripped from the church. we had several tornadoes throughout mississippi. it will be colder and they'll be cleaning up this morning. a danger of a different kind in albany. all the snow on the roads. pileup after pileup. unfortunately, more winter
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weather to tell you about. winter storm warnings from washington state through montana this morning, which is snowing. idaho and iowa. iowa is going to get hefty snows. chicago will get snow. it's called an alberta clipper system. much more coming up in a few moments. now the incredible survival story. that 7-year-old girl so precious and somehow walking away from the small plane crash that killed her family. investigators combing the scene for clues. gio benitez is there in kuttawa, kentucky. >> reporter: these are the thick, thick woods that that little girl came walking out of. right now, it looks and feels a whole lot like it did that night.night night. it's cold. it's dark. why so many people are calling this a miracle. 7-year-old sailor gutzler.
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the sole survivor climbing out of this downed twin engine play to get help for her parents, marty and kim, 9-year-old sister piper, and 14-year-old cousin sierra not realizing it was too late. >> she wanted us to find her family. she said she feared they were dead. but she was hopeful they were only sleeping. >> reporter: the plane took off from key west florida, friday night. marty gutzler, an experience pilot, flying his family back home. just before 6:00 p.m. he reported engine problems. the plane crashed upside down. police believe sailor was sitting in the back of the plane. that wasn't crushed. with a broken wrist, she climbed out with her other arm. she tried lighting up a stick in the flaming wreckage. that didn't work. alone, in 38 degrees, wearing nothing but shorts a shirt, and
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a sock she set out into the woods. it's tough to maneuver through this in the daytime. imagine what she must have been going through in total darkness. from the air, we see her journey. here's the plane's wreckage. over here, three-quaetrters of a mile away she got to the house. >> the 7-year-old has just come out of the woods alone, scratched up. i believe she was in plane crash. >> reporter: larry wilkins answering the door. >> i wouldn't want to go out there in the woods without a light. in the dark. she's a brave little girl. >> reporter: it makes even the most hardened first responders cry. to see this little girl walk out of there and survive that crash? >> just, absolutely amazing. very much so. i had a -- i've got an 8-year-old little girl. i can't imagine her going
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through what -- what this little girl went through. >> reporter: i think a lot of parents in america are thinking that. >> absolutely. hug your daughters and sons. >> reporter: hug your daughters and sons, he says. the family also releasing a statement now, we are devastated by this loss. but are confident they rest in god's loving arms. they have established a fund for little sailor. she's out of the hospital. she has a long road ahead, george. >> she sure does. thank you, gio. we're going to get the latest on the airasia disaster. five large section of wreckage have been discovered by sonar. there are growing questions about the weather when the plane went down. david kerley is tracking the investigation. good morning, david. >> reporter: anyone wants to know what happened to the jetliner. was it weather? even though we have been told that modern jetliners can survive severe storms. this morning, a better picture of what is on the bottom of the
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java sea. the uss ft. worth just wrapping up its second day. >> we can see everything on the sea floor using the computer. it's all in real-time. we can see everything as small as a golf ball. >> reporter: so far, the indonesians say they have detected five large pieces of the plane, which disappeared a week ago with 162 on board. the pilot radioing he wanted to turn and climb to avoid severe weather. minutes later, no response. the plane disappeared off the radar. did weather play a role? the weather service suggests that. >> the storm could have been a distraction. you could have had something totally unprecedented in the history of airbus. a sudden catastrophic failure of the flight controls. >> reporter: that's why the plaque boxes are so important. this u.s. ship now on-site might be able to help locate the boxes and the answers to this mystery.
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of course, the batteries on the black boxes have three weeks of life left. this morning, the indonesians say they haven't heard the boxes. they have fivelistening for if pingers on the boxes. >> could the black boxes give an indication of whether weather was to blame? >> reporter: absolutely. the pilots did. how they reacted to it. did flight services on the aircraft malfunction. we're going to learn a ton of information once we find the boxes. without the boxes, we're speculating. >> david kerley thank you. now to the trial of boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev. beginning this morning. he's accused of plotting the explosions near the mareathon finish line nearly two years ago. brian ross is outside the courthouse in boston. >> reporter: security is tight here at the courthouse behind me. with memories still fresh of what happened at the boston
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marathon 21 months ago. though he hasn't been convicted of anything dzhokhar tsarnaev could be the most hated man in this city. police boats patrolled the waters this morning as bomb-sniffing dogs circled the courthouse. jour jury selection begins today despite the lawyers trying to move the trial. >> i want to see the death penalty. >> reporter: liz plans to be at the trial every day. her two sons each lost a leg in the bomb blast. they can be seen here in this photo shortly before the bomb went off. not far away is the man identified by the fbi as tsarnaev. allegedly placing the bomb hidel hidden in a backpack. >> i think he's an animal. he knew there was kid, women, families. his intentions were to do exactly what he did. >> reporter: his older brother,
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tamerlan was killed in a police shootout four days after the attack. the younger tsarnaev was captured in massive manhunt that shut down the city. found hiding in a boat in storage. >> we got movement. he's moving. we have movement in the boat. >> reporter: his lawyers are expected to argue that he did what he did under pressure from his older brother, though the evidence against him will include this bullet-pocked anti-american message. the government is killing our innocent civilians, he wrote. he has supporters. including a group of women who have pro tested outside the courthouse. and a collection of teenage girls that defend him online saying he's completely innocent. his parents are not expected to attend trial. they'll remain in the russian region of dagestan where the father said he expects the u.s. to do to his younger son what
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they did to his older son killed in the police shootout. we go to amy with the other top stories. a well-known hedge fund manager in charge of hundreds of millions of dollars found shot to death in his apartment. overnight, his son was taken in for questioning. >> reporter: this morning, police are trying to find out why a top manhattan moneyman, who managed a $200 million hedge fund is dead. and whether his son was spom for pulling the trigger. 70-year-old thomas gilbert seen senior found shot in the head. one neighbor hearing a loud noise. >> something just kaboom. like just hit the floor loudly. >> reporter: authorities quickly naming his 30-year-old son, tommy jr., a person of interest. taking him in for questioning several hours later. they say there have still been no arrests and no charges filed in the case. this woman, who neighbors say is
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the victim's wife was spotted leaving the building with investigators. while the quiet street was transformed into a bustling crime scene. >> we're tense and scared about this. >> no comment. >> reporter: the building's doorman refused to speak to reporters. no cameras in the lobby. police are looking at more questions than answers this morning. >> it shows you that this can happen anywhere. >> reporter: police are not yet releasing a possible mote piche the investigation just getting started. amy? >> thank you, reena. an estimated 25,000 police officers from across the country paid their respects at the funeral sunday for officer wenjian liu. one of two new york officers ambushed in their squad car last month. despite a request not to do so many officers turned their backs during the mayor's eulogy. to protest his comments they say
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added to anti-police sentiments. boko haham has now seized control of a key military base on the nigerian border. setting an entire town on fire. the name boko haram translates to western education is forbidden. back in this country, the coast guard is searching for a boater missing after this 74-foot sailboat capsized in a fierce storm off hawaii. the boat was loaded for sup plies for a humanitarian mission to a pacific island. two days after his team won big in the nfl playoffs a massive fire broke out in the home of head coach ron rivera. everyone got out safely. a dramatic comeback for the cowboys in dallas. tony romo's late touchdown pass
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was the final heartbreaking set setback for the lions. among the excited cowboy fans new jersey governor chris christie hugging team owner jerry jones. many voters back home don't like that christie roots for the cowboys. you mentioned the governor's brother posted a message on facebook telling people to get a life. he went further telling eagles fans possibly you should worry more about the tact that your sorry expletive team has never won a super bowl. directness runs in the family, guys. >> he took on the calorically challenged. >> that was like a sandwich. >> you know who would have had so much fun seeing christie stuart scott. on "sportscenter," he would have had something to say. we're going to celebrate now the life of a beloved member of our family here. a broadcasting pioneer at our sister network, espn. stuart scott valiantly fought
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cancer for many years. moments of silence held at yesterday's nfl playoff games. and also at nba games. and his old chair on "sportscenter," left empty. it was a touching tribute. stu changed the way we view sports on television. as dan patrick put it he didn't push the envelope. he bulldozed it. >> boo-yah! >> what's going on stu. >> reporter: he was an espn original. stuart scott, the man gq said put the hip hop in sports casting. >> this kid is as cool as the other side of to pillow. the sun glasses, oh no not to be cool. >> i'm blind in my left eye. contrary to what people on twitter say, it's not a glass eye. >> let's go back to what your journey has been like thus far.
7:16 am
>> when the doctor said we did a biopsy op your appendix and you have cancer the first thought, i'm going the die. my second thought was i'mgoing to die and i'm going to leave my daughters. i can't do that. >> reporter: and he was determined to fight. >> it feels good to be winded. >> reporter: he sat with two presidents barack obama and bill clinton. conducted one-on-one interviews with the biggest names in sports. but the accomplishment that made stu most proud. >> the most important thing i do, i'm a dad. >> reporter: sydni and taelor are the reason he fought back. >> what i always wanted needed for them was to be a dad. >> ladies and gentlemen, it is my profound honor to present the 2014 jimmy v. pers e veerns award to stuart scott.
7:17 am
>> reporter: this past july stu inspired us again at the espys. >> when you die, it does not mean that you lose to cancer. you beat cancer by how you live why you live and in the manner in which you live. [ applause ] >> reporter: thank you, my friend for your bravely and stellar example. thank you for being you. yes, as cool as the other side of the pillow. >> one of his best phrases there. had a big fan in if white house as well. president obama said i will miss stuart scott. 20 years ago, stu helped usher in a new way to talk about our team's best plays. he entertained us. he inspired us with courage and love. >> he played basketball with the president. the president has two daughters. he gave a shoutout to stu's two daughters. he was a cool dude.
7:18 am
so kind the. so thoughtful. so generous. so giving. and -- >> brave. such a good father. he was living for those two girls. >> you can relate to that as people that have gone through it and having children like that. he was just, i love how he said he did not lose. he didn't. you -- he didn't. and i remember when i was talking to michael j. fox about parkinson's. he said you don't die from it. you die with it. he fought. because he did and was part of trials stu, he's going to help so many people. and -- >> he was such a good friend to you. >> he was great friend to many of us. you can go to the full tribute, hearing from his family and friends. we love you, stu. we thank you. we thank you. >> what a story. move on to the cold, cold air in the northeast. >> we loved hearing that story. thank you for sharing that. right here temperatures this morning in the 40s. near 50 d.c. guess what?
7:19 am
by tomorrow that's what itt does. in the teens. dropping 25 to 35 degrees. your local forecast coming up. first the select cities brought to you by walmart. high winds >> reporter: hey give, david murphy here with an update from accuweather. temperatures 40s windchills in time 30 right now. we have no precipitation showing on storm tracker 6 live double scan. there will be sun breaking out from behind the clouds. temperature, however will continue to fall. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast we'll be out of the 40s and upper 30s later on this morning.
7:20 am
down into the mid 30s most of the afternoon low 30s by dinnertime. tomorrow light snow arrives with small accumulations. allegations against prince andrew this morning. and the strong statement from the palace. what they're saying right now. also ahead, "real housewives" starter reese is a giudice headed to jail. how thieves can use gps trackers to rob you at home. what you can do to protect yourself and your family.
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people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. >> this just in an armed man tried to rob a toys toys "r" us this morning and fired a shot. the man surprised employees as they were preparing to open the store. they refused to let him inside,
7:27 am
he fired the gun shot and took off. nobody was hurt. 7:27, monday morning let's go to karen rogers for a look at the roads. >> reporter: we have problems with the lansdale doylestown line that's suspended because of overhead wires. we're looking live near the betsy ross bridge, i-95 northbound we have an accident that's blocking the left lane. northbound traffic is jammed past allegheny to cottman where we had an disabled vehicle that cleared. southbound is heavier 31 minute ride from woodhaven to the vine on i-95 southbound. >> it's only going to get colder from here. david murphy has the forecast. >> reporter: we have a drop of a couple degrees in the last half-hour or so. with the winds coming in from
7:28 am
the northwest it feels like 10 degrees colder. the windchill in philadelphia, 30. allentown, 25. the temperatures continue to fall through the 30s tomorrow 29, snowrlings through the day that could -- snow showers through the day that could put down a light accumulation across the region. >> use our storm tracker 6 live app to track plunging temperatures and use the radar to watch the snow always it moves in tomorrow.
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♪ ♪ i haven't got it it isn't in my pocket ♪ that is paul mccartney like he needs an introduction. his song is "queenie eye." getting help from high-profile friends, including meryl streep and others. you would think everyone knows whoa he is. that's not the case. >> that was a surprise to me. and the scandal hitting buckingham palace. prince andrew under fire right now. what the palace is saying about the explosive allegations. "gma" investigates criminals using gps trackers to rob your homes. you can protect yourself and your family. and a new warning about the flu epidemic. what you need to know. we begin with the scandal
7:31 am
rocking the royals. papers file in a florida lawsuit claim that prince adrew had sex with an underage girl. he cut his vacation short to fly back to london. >> reporter: the accusations against prince andrew surfacing in newly field court documents. a woman, named as jane doe number 3, saying she was forced to have sex with him in three separate occasions. the prince denying the accusations. buckingham palace releasing statements it is emphatically denid that the duke of york had any form of sexual conduct with jane doe number 3. >> there has to be a robust response. a clear, firm, indeed an angry legal response. >> reporter: the allegations emerging as part of a civil
7:32 am
lawsuit over an agreement with this man, jeffrey epstein. he pleaded guilty in court in 2013. jane doe number 3 and other alleged victims claim the deal he struck to avoid federal prosecution violated their rights. the new suit says jane doe number 3 was kept as a sex slave with epstein making her available for sex to politically connected and financially powerful people including prince andrew. he's not the only one. >> you're saying at no time was it possible for you the have been alone with this young woman. >> absolutely not. >> reporter: renowned harvard law professor, alan dershowitz was also named in the suit. he says he wants her to speak out so he can sue her for libel.
7:33 am
>> please, speak out. >> reporter: says i'm looking forward to vindicating my rights as an innocent victim. no comment from the epstein camp. the accusations keep on coming. jane doe number 3 claiming she met with the queen of england, something the palace strongly deanies. as for prince andrew the fifth in line for the throne he's in the hot seat. coming back from his swiss skiing vacation for consultations with advisers. >> let's bring in dan abrams. boy, you -- from alan dershowitz these are not typical denials. >> typically, the palace doesn't respond to this kind of stuff. they have to respond to this and these kinds of allegations. they've made three denials already, from a palace that doesn't respond at all. alan dershowitz is challenging her and her lawyers to come out
7:34 am
in public and make the allegations. why? when you make an allegation in legal papers you can't sue over it. it's protected. dershowitz is saying i challenge you to make these exact same allegations outside of legal papers so i can take legal action against you for saying it. that's more than just a denial it's a challenge. >> why are we seeing this? >> it's all connected to this epstein case. these two alleged victims who said they never should is cut this deal with him. they never should have agreed not to prous cute him. now you have these two new alleged victims saying we want to join in that lawsuit. and here's why we're relevant to the case. that's where they list the allegations. this is a civil lawsuit. some would say they didn't need to get into all these allegations to make the case. the lawyers for the alleged victims would say we're demonstrating why we're relevant
7:35 am
to this particular lawsuit. >> any chance this leads to criminal charges for prince andrew? >> i don't think so. a lot of this has already been known in the past. there are immunity questions as well. >> thank you dan. i like the beard. >> some think it's cool. for me, it's more professorial. the police chief who shot his wife on new year's morning. his 911 call has been released. linsey davis is here with the story. >> reporter: in the call, he manages to stay remarkably calm. cool as a cucumber. asking his wife, are you all right dear? the chief says they were both asleep at the time. the gun was in the bed. his wife his shot in the back. just four hours into the new year. >> oh my god. >> what's your name sir? >> how the hell did this happen?
7:36 am
>> reporter: chief mccollum saying he shot his wife accidentally. >> who shot her? >> me. >> how did you shoot her? >> the gun was in the bed, i went to move it put it to the side and it went off. i'm the chief of the police. the gun is on the dresser. >> you're the chief of police in peachtree city? >> yeah unfortunately. >> reporter: the police chief says he and his wife were in bed when his department-issued edd glock went off. >> were you asleep when it happened? >> yes. >> reporter: his wife shot in the back moaning in pain in the background. >> is that her crying? >> yes, she's having trouble breathing. >> reporter: he remains calm. >> you're all right, dear? i know you're not all right. i mean, are you still breathing? stay alert for me. >> is there anybody else there? >> no. hurry hurry, hurry. >> reporter: overnight, dozens
7:37 am
gathering in prayer for the recovery of their friend in an atlanta hospital. >> this is difficult for our community, because of the circumstances. we're hurting. >> reporter: maggie upgraded from serious to fair condition. the chief on administrative leave as the georgia bureau of investigation reviews the case. he's been a police chief for less than a year but has more than two decades experience as a police officer, including as a certified fire arms instructor. >> we hope his wife makes a full recovery. time for the weather, ginger the record cold in hawaii? >> temperatures on sunday tied or broke records on all islands. it's not just the continental nental u.s. i want to take you to northern idaho. a lot more snow in store. it's looking very pretty. snow warnings and advisories from idaho to montana. washington state, an avalanche
7:38 am
warning. just west of the cascades flood watches and warnings. wind advisories. it's all going to get better. things will be improvin thanks ginger are david murphy on the terrace. temperatures are falling in the 30s we'll continue to see the temperatures drop into the 30s, light snow during the day tomorrow! subway. coming up anchorage has actually been one of the most mild. >> i know pack your bags. >> we're heading to anchorage. road trip! coming up "gma" investigates how thieves are using gps track toers rob homes. why you might want to check your car this morning. and real housewives star teresa giudice heading to prison this morning. we hear about her last minutes
7:39 am
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and we're back now at 7:42 with "gma" investigates. today, a new way thieves can rob your home. they can now track your car, using gps. abc's linzie janis has the frightening story. >> reporter: during a routine oil change a houston mechanic spotted this tiny device on
7:43 am
jeremiah salmon's pickup truck. >> i grabbed it. >> reporter: a gps device a cause for concern for anyone. but for salmons a red alert. because someone recently burglarized his home. >> they knew just when i left from work. they were gone within minutes. >> reporter: he says he believes the tracker was there before the burglary and gave the thief easy instant information as to when it was best to strike. >> the fact that somebody could put a device like this on your vehicle, know exactly when you're away from your home and steal everything you own, that's scary. >> reporter: houston police are analyzing the burglary and the placement of the gps tracking device to see if there really is a connection. in another incident kansas police say they did make a connection. >> he knew exactly where all the goodies were in my house. >> reporter: in 2013 shortly after zoey harrington's home was
7:44 am
burglarized, police found gps tracking devices on two of her vehicles. authorities later linking the devices to steven glathe. he pleaded guilty to burglary. believe it or not it's illegal in only six states to place gps devices on someone's car without their consent. how to you protect wrours? >> we sell a devie vice you can walk around the car and tell you if it is on the car. >> reporter: they own the spy store in new york. you have a tracker on that car? >> yes. you make a circle on the map. when the car leaves that area it gives you a text message. >> reporter: he says there can be an easy way for police to track down criminals using trackers. >> they have serial numbers. they would have to be connected to somebody who would purchase the device. >> reporter: for "good morning america," linzie janis, abc news new york. and coming up new warnings
7:45 am
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♪ my only one just like the morning sun ♪ now the beatles legend legend paul mccartney.
7:49 am
you would think every would know whoa he is right now. but his latest collaboration with kanye west is proving -- that's not true. a lot of kanye france saying who is that guy? it's gone viral. >> good morning, robin. am i crazy in we're not expecting young people to know the names of the people in duran duran or that tito was in the jackson five. we're talking about the beatles here. arguably the most successful rock group of all time. and paul mccartney doesn't ring a bell? kanye west burning up itune this is morning with his single only one. dedicated to his daughter north. ♪ i know you're happy ♪ >> reporter: but that's this guy who gave him a little help with the new song. ♪ i get by with a little help from my friends ♪ >> reporter: who has set off a social media war of word this is morning between baby boomers and mill len yals. judging from the tweets when
7:50 am
kanye fans hear the word beatles, they're more hikely to think this, than this. ♪ she loves you yeah yeah yeah ♪ >> reporter: his followers tweeting, i love kanye for shining light on an unknown artist. i don't know who paul mccartney is but kanye is going to give this man a career with this new song. boomers are in no mood. taking to mccartney's facebook page to complain. what's next sir paul? featured in "keeping up with the kardashians?" maybe the two sides will come together. this new duet will bring a taste of yesterday. ♪ i believe in yesterday ♪ >> reporter: to those's yeezy-focused youth. ♪ no good-byes, just hellos ♪ >> reporter: some of these are tongue in cheek. everybody up here do you all know michael clifford? >> no. >> five seconds of summer.
7:51 am
what about dyna jane panson? and liam payne. >> oh yeah. >> everybody's got one direction. it shows the divide. we don't know those names. they don't know pourps. >> that paul, he's really got a future. >> we'll have more coming up. you give... and you give... and then you give some more. but sometimes you get. and so you take. tylenol® cold is strong enough for you while children's tylenol® is gentle enough for them. we give you relief from your cold and flu. you give them everything you've got. tylenol®. with my android from tracfone, i can...
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tt2wút0l@q40 btúny'0 tt2wút0l@q40 "aúni+t tt2wút0l@q40 bmúnb x tt4wút0l@q40"
7:56 am
dzlq &l0 tt4wút0l@q40" enlq vhp tt4wút0l@q40" gzl& oo( >> hey everyone i'm matt o'donnell. 7:56 monday, january 5. back to work, back to school. a warning about mass transit. >> reporter: we have problems with overhead wires lansdale doylestown line canceled service in this area. i want to show you an accident on the schuylkill expressway westbound at the curve traffic is heavy in both directions involving this truck and another car up ahead. watch for that off to the side, but slowing traffic westbound at conshohocken. we've had a a bunch of other issues including these downed wires from an overnight accident
7:57 am
closing byberry road at huntington pike in huntington valley. stick to county line road as your alternate. >> let's look live at center city philadelphia. a pretty picture but temperatures are on the way down. here's david murphy. >> reporter: you're right about that matt. we have sunshine digging out from behind the clouds in some neighborhoods. the temperature is holding steady at 40 degrees we'll be in the upper 30s in fact wilmington has dipped into the upper 30s so has millville new jersey. there's a wind blowing giving you windchills around the freezing mark. it will be blustery and coral as we go through the afternoon the temperatures slide into the 30s, around the freezing mark by dinnertime. tomorrow cloudy skies, 29 the high. there be the times during the daylight snow showers, i could see a coating to an i do in philadelphia. parts of south jersey and delaware could go one to two maybe higher.
7:58 am
that starts after the morning rush hour. it gets bitterly cold later in the week. >> trooper killer, eric frein is schedule be to -- scheduled to be in court today. we'll have updates on the air and at
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and an abc news exclusive. teresa giudice's lawyer. the reality tv star behind bars right now. she starts her 15-month sentence. a new warning as the flu epidemic grows this morning. why it's especially dangerous for kids this year. how you can protect your family. and shedding those extra holiday pounds. our mara shafchiavocamposchiavocampo's incredible 90-pound weight loss. and common and john legend here with their new song. the superstar collaborating in a live performance only on "gma" as we say -- >> good morning, america.
8:01 am
that is a powerhouse duo here with us this morning in times square. common john legend. already picking up a golden globe nomination for their song "glory." from "selma." they'll perform for us. love in the air this morning. look who's here. new "bachelor" chris soules. he as a sneak peek of tonight's big three-hour premier. and how you can uber your life. you can do everything without leaving your home these days. sara haines is out to prove just that. from a blowout to a massage and more. just by using your phone. >> taking one for the team again. that's our sara.
8:02 am
okay let's get news first from amy. >> good morning. good morning, everyone. we begin with the emotional start of the trial today for dzhokhar tsarnaev. he lost an appeal for a delay over the weekend. so jury selection begin this is morning. three people were killed. and hundreds injured at the finish line of the race 21 months ago. tsarnaev was found hiding in a both days later. his lawyers are expected to say he was acting under pressure from his older brother. a u.s. warship is helping to search for the missing air flight 8501. the ind neez yans say they have not detected any sign of the audio pings. the indonesian water service is saying that weather may have played part in the crash.
8:03 am
another big drop in gas prices. prices have dropped another nine cents in the last week. it looks like the trend will continue with oil prices hitting a new low this morning. drivers in these seven states are paying under $2 a gallon on average. several states not far behind. sarah palin sparking new controversy this time among man lovers. reaction erupted on social media after this photo was posted of her son standing on their dog. she told peta to chill. they responded saying they don't believe people should step on dogs. a masive explosion at a fireworks facility in south america. officials at the factory in colombia saying all five warehouses storing gun powder were destroyed in the blast.
8:04 am
but thankfully no one was injured. we're learning the names of some new actors. one place martin luther king jr. brad pitt hl. s the audience learn his name in a unique way. take a listen. ♪ o yell o yell on woe. o yell on woe. everybody. >> i have to agree. i think we're all going to be saying his performance after seeing the movie "selma." >> he's going to get nominated. gotta believe that. thank you, amy. health news. the flu season. already considered an epidemic. 22 states reporting high activity. that number expected to rise. rich besser is here. this could be a rough flu season.
8:05 am
>> there are many flu strains that can cause flu. the one this year is h 3 n 2. in the past when it's been an h3n2 year it's a tough year. thut this together with a bad match for the train in the vaccine, it's a bad year. >> people back at work. what do you tell them? >> if you picked up anything besides presents at the holiday if you're feeling sick do not go back to work. do not go to school. stay home until you're feeling better. everyone else you're washing your handles. that's what it comes down to. >> we always do here. how do you know the difference between what sounds like a cool you're a little junkie or it takes it over the soej to flu? andlet get into the tamiflu of it all. >> the difference is the pod aches. feeling of fatigue. don't rush to the doctor. give them a call.
8:06 am
the tamiflu issue. the people at high risk. the big concern is shortages. if your doctor wants you to visit, call around. there are spot shortages in some places. most cities and towns will have it in some places. >> and tamiflu will work on this strain? >> it reduces it a little bit. it's not as good as prevention. but it's there for those at risk for severe disease the elderly little kids people with medical issues. >> you'll take questions on twitter? >> i will. >> you have to go. >> i will. >> put your jacket on. >> jacket is on. heading into social square to tell you what's coming up. first in "pop news" so john legend he's on the show today. but how he celebrated his birthday with his wife chrissy teigen and their hot new digs. plus teresa giudice.
8:07 am
we'll hear about her last minutes of freedom. and googling your ex-. when is it okay to snoop on a former flame. and then the new "bachelor" chris is here. that's for you. no, you take that. he's got more. all that coming up on "good morning america" here in times square. don't go anywhere. hi, everybody. one of the best things about vacation, is that you get to be your best self. so at hilton, we say be deliciously outside your comfort zone. be there when once-in-a-lifetime appears. be promoted to the senior vp of splash. or be the one to make her feel weak in the knees all over again. hilton. ready and waiting for you at 12 distinct brands in over 2,000 cities. explore now at
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8:12 am
save on the things you love for the people you love. get 5% off every single day with your debit or credit redcard. ♪ look at that great crowd outside of our studio here in times square. a lot of them likely here to see common performing with john legend. so we thought that was a great place to begin "pop news" everybody. on this monday edition. it's been a great week for john legend. the r&b crooner celebrating his 36th birthday in las vegas. i love your perfect imperfections, john legend. he spent his birthday with his wonderful wife chrissy teigen. now we get to see where they like to nest together. the february architectural
8:13 am
digest showcasing their newly renovated loft. it gives us the first look at the pictures. space saul about entertaining, not surprising with a kitchen in which chrissy can work her magic. she says her specialties include osso bucco and branzini. and john makes a mean mac and cheese. they say every dinner party at john's grand piano. a lovely night with two of the loveliest people. the february issue of the magazine hits stands tomorrow. and you know how i feel about real estate furniture. i want to go cuddle up. would that be weird if i -- >> i'm in too. >> i know. osso bucco, legend on piano. >> sounds delightful. >> divine. the beatles song about paperback writers. ♪ paperback writers ♪
8:14 am
>> but mark zuckerberg wants you to be a paperback reader. the facebook ceo is starting a massive book club on facebook called a year of books. he calls it a personal challenge and hopes we all join in. the goal? try to read a book every other week of 2015. he's encouraging folks push themselves and focus on different cultures histories, and technology. check out the facebook page called a year of books. his first selection is called the end of power. it's already out of stock on amazon. >> wow, he's got that touch. >> he's got the touch pip love that idea. >> great idea. well so is this. new year time for resolutions. my resolution george is that i'm not giving up on trying to convince you that animals can, in fact, communicate. >> why not read a book every other week?
8:15 am
>> it was important to start the new year right. here george, another example for you to chew on. >> i love you. [ dog howling ] >> i love you. [ dog howling ] >> i love you. [ dog howling ] >> i love you. >> exactly. exactly. >> a cute pug. he does not talk. >> it's only six seconds. i understand that. >> i love you. >> but i believe if there was a linguistics expert here they too, will hear what i feel and that is that i love you. >> that has 3 million views? >> i think it was more i ruv you. >> right. >> in the neighborhood. >> more to come george. >> cannot wait. one day you will -- you will convince me. >> listen we saw you dance. >> so anything can happen right? let's go outside for ginner erginger and a check of the weather. >> that's reese. your 16th birthday.
8:16 am
what's your name? >> morgan. >> morgan from michigan. we want to start in the great lakes. the temperature is sub zero this morning and the wind chill some 0 to 25 below around chicago. it's a rough one. new snow coming in tonight. along the warm front. right there, they'll get it. it's 10:00. overnight, it will fall. it will be light until you get just south of chicago. some of the places can see six inches. i promised you anchorage. a mild streak. more here's a look west to east, let's get a check on the local forecast. >> reporter: thank ginger, david murphy on the terrace. it's cold and blustery windchills in the 30s. through the day temperatures continue to slide through the 30s. tomorrow clouds in the morning after rush hour we'll see light
8:17 am
snow could put down some small accumulations across the region through the day. it wraps up in the afternoon high of 29. and chilly monday out here. this is cassie from chicago. she made me feel real old. why is that? >> in second grade you came to my school. >> second grade, and now you're getting married. i'm just kidding. thank you all for coming. let's get inside. to the abc news exclusive. "real housewives of new jersey" star teresa giudice in prison right now. we have the first interview with her lawyer. reena ninan here with more. >> reporter: there is something her attorney told me this morning that she's already looking forward to. getting out of children and being reunited with her girls. this morning, new jersey housewife teresa giudice is
8:18 am
adjusting to a new reality. one behind bars. the real housewives star driving overnight from her home in new jersey to the federal correction facility in danbury connecticut. starting her 15-month prison sentence. her lawyer with with her. >> i think she was prepared. >> reporter: and her husband joe? >> he was somber. i think the enormity of the situation hit him. >> reporter: the couple sentenced in october. in joe's case failing to file tax returns. teresa serving her sentence first, before joe serves his 3 1/2 year sentence so one parent is home with their four young daughters. she got advice from former inmates at the danbury prison. >> they were giving her the lay of the land. they told her to keep her head up the. she would make it through this. be friendly but guarded with the staff and other inmates.
8:19 am
to savor the time she spends with her family when they come the visit her. >> reporter: the time spent with her family. >> i'm like crying. >> reporter: she struggled. playing out for all of america to see. >> we're in a different place right now. we both -- we want to be together. >> reporter: now she begins serving her time. will there be any chance of her getting out early? >> that will be up to the judge ultimate ultimately and the bureau of prisons. that could be potentially alters down the road. >> reporter: her first family visit could come as early as this weekend. her first phone call home within 24 hours. >> important with her with three little girls at home. >> thank you, reena. next on the "gma heat index." there's an app for everything these days. a closer look at the surprising
8:20 am
ways you can conquer your to-do list. sara haines is tracking them all. >> reporter: these days you can get almost anything with just a few clicks. i wondered sit possible to uber your life. the possibilities are end less. house coopers. hand did imen. at-home dry cleaning pups. an odd job. a doctor who will house call in just two hours. this is crazy. what can i order from the comfort of my house delivered to my door instantly. first up, hair. there's nothing better than a blowout. i went to the glamsquad app. salon beautiful hair right here at home. within an hour. come in. i had -- this is amazing. my very own personal stylist. >> gorgeous. >> reporter: what about a massage? the app zeer searches for massage share misses in my area.
8:21 am
i have a confirmed point at 3:00 p.m. today. three hour later. >> i'm sofia from zeel. >> reporter: what about my pups? you can book a dog walker with three hours' notice. yay, dog walk is booked. who's excited? clearly not them. bye guys. and track them on the walk. a little poop pops up here letting me know where he did his business. so cool. and see pictures. i'm getting pictures of my dogs. every day, new apps are popping up. offering services on demand across the country. >> there are great efficiencies. it's why it's booming. why it's so attractive. >> reporter: start ups who fit the uber for x model has secured $1.73 billion in venture funding for 2014. my day of beauty was well worth
8:22 am
it. i could really get used to this. harder sofia. >> as you wish. >> clearly i focused on luxury. i wasn't turning down massage. but there are prat call services. shyp. take a picture of any item. send it top someone shows up to your door and has the packaging to send it. >> is there a concern about who shows up at your door? >> no. it's only available in san francisco, miami, and new york but it's expanding soon. >> there's nothing worse than doing that. >> these are great. >> thank you so much sara. >> the deal is the massage one. >> a good ma saunl? >> sofia did a great one. we're getting to the morning stir. online. it's all about going online to check in on exes.
8:23 am
google is the search engine of choice. nearly half of all young adults are doing it. here's abc's cecilia vega to explain. >> reporter: it's a secret obsession that so many have tried. looking up an exonline. >> oh a guy in the red hat. let's find more pictures of you. >> reporter: just like zac efron in the movie, "that awkward moment." 32-year-old amy, who doesn't want us to use her last name or show her face says she's guilty of doing it. >> i google pretty much everyone. my exes. if i know who they're dating i might google them too. >> reporter: she looks up her most recent exabout once a week. >> it's probably a little out of control that i google my exes. but i think everybody does it. >> reporter: with sites like instagram, facebook, twitter,
8:24 am
cybersnooping is growing. >> it's hard to resist looking. if it's out there, i want to see it. >> reporter: relationship expert dr. stacy kaiser says occasionally searching for a former flame is normal. >> it's healthy and normal to want to google them. it becomes unhealthy when it's hurting your current relationship or impacting your daily active tis. >> reporter: should you be worried that someone can see if you're searching for them online? >> it's almost impossible for you to find out how many people have been searching for you. it's more impossible for people to find out who has been searching for you. >> reporter: when it comes to look at social media profiles -- >> the only way someone would know if you look at their facebook page is if you slip up and like something or give them a notification gnat you is been there. >> reporter: as for amy -- >> the information is there. i'm going look at it. i want to know. >> reporter: for "good morning
8:25 am
america," cecilia vega, abc news new york. >> now we're joined by lifestyle expert chelsea crosst. is it all right to do a little peek on your ex? >> in moderation chute sli. if your profile is public you're putting everything out there for the world to see. in you don't want people to see it block them. >> the question is how do you know when it gets out of hand? if you're looking all the time or something. >> when your binge cyberstalking, like how we binge netflix, it's a problem. when you know where they're at on friday night. or if you're stalking the new partner of your ex that's a problem. we're only posting the best pictures. when we're on a vacation. doing something great.
8:26 am
you could become depressed if you're starting to -- >> you're not seeing the guy you broke up with. you're seeing this version he's putting out there. so let's help everybody. if you're stuck this that thing where you want to see, how is he doing? why is he dating her? and sounding more and more like a single white female what can you do to move on? >> don't go fbo. facebook official. especially for the younger generation. we're so quick to change our relationship status and say in a relationship with chelsea krost, it's public information. don't save pass words. no snooping. and do a social cleanse. delete the photos. >> time to move on. thank you. and guys, we'll be right back. tt2wút3nú&4 btúnór0 tt2wút3nú&4 "aúnoít tt2wút3nú&4 bmúndux tt4wút3nú&4 " dzlq g[@ tt4wút3nú&4 " enlq 7ó tt4wút3nú&4 " gzl& .xx
8:27 am
>> cooed cop killer eric frein just -- cop killer eric frein just arrived for his hearing. he looks better groomed than the day he was brought in after the manhunt. let's go over to karen rogers with traffic. >> reporter: we have resuming service on the lansdale doylestown line the first train departs 8:32. i-95 we're seeing a jam on the betsy ross bridge southbound traffic jamming from past cottman to girard. near bridge street we had a delay that cleared. we had northbound problems, now just southbound problems, just the normal-morning volume.
8:28 am
we have downed trees because of the gusty winds. upper mountain road is shut down you can use york road as the alternate. >> still in the 40s that will change. here's david murphy. >> reporter: in fact a lot of us slipping into the 30s matt. we're holding on to 40 on the nose. in wilmington we've slipped in the 30s and millville and dover in the 30s we're heading in that direction as the temperatures will slowly slide through the day. that's the call, blustery and colder temperatures slipping into the 80s. him down around the freezing mark by 5:00 tonight. tomorrow snow arriving ampt -- after the morning rush hour. it will put down a small accumulation. >> former philly mob bogs joey merlino will report to prison in
8:29 am
miami. it's one of the stories we're following on "action news" today.
8:30 am
♪ oh glory glory glory oh glory ♪ ♪ oh glory glory oh ♪ ♪ oh ♪ [ cheers and applause ] john legend. he's going to perform, you see common over there. their golden globe-nominated song "glory" from the movie, "selma." we can't wait to talk to them. every time i hear that song i get the chills. my goodness. >> looking forward to that coming up.
8:31 am
also looking forward to girl scout cookie season. we're going to announce three new flavors. don't thrift top obvious the boxes yet. >> oh look at the dancing. you go girls. and then can you feel the love? the new "bachelor" chris soules is here live. we'll talk to him about the brand-new season of "the bachelor." he may reveal juicy secrets. he's answering you inging your questions all morning long. send your questions using the hash tag bachelor on "gma." >> i see roses. >> you know it's "bachelor" season when owe see the red roses. time to kick off resolution revolution. this morning, a weight loss story from our very own mara schiavocampo. thinspired how i lost 90 pounds. the secrets to her success could
8:32 am
help you, too. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> on camera she's part of the "gma" family. >> it's happening all over the country. >> reporter: off camera she's waged a personal battle against her weight. >> i carried it as my private shame my whole life. >> reporter: an overweight child, he was ridiculed by a family member adding to a binge eating disorder and ah depression.
8:33 am
op exercise 10% on sleep, and eliminating the trirg foods. dairy, candy, flour, and wine. >> when i'm in a situation like this, all this i don't look at. i don't see it. >> reporter: she's encouraging all women to who have lost weight to keep trying. becoming a weight loss mentor. >> how much do you want to lose? >> 75 to 100 pounds. >> reporter: following the thinspired plan. >> we're going to have a funeral for the popcorn. >> okay okay. >> reporter: after two weeks, stephanie lost six pounds. >> hi. you've been doing so so good. it's been so rewarding to see how this has helped people. i have abused food. i'm going the fight. i'm going the keep fighting. hopefully,ky helpd kyky i can help
8:34 am
other people stand up and fight too. >> and mara joins us looking fit and fabulous. >> you're torturing me. >> you talked about your food poisons. how you avoid them al together. how difficult is it when they're laid out in front of you? >> i had to get rid of the stuff. there's a myth you can have everything in moderation. for me that was as true as tell telling an alcoholic you can have a drink in moderation. i had to eliminate foods. four dairy, candy. pizza. once i got rid of the foods, losing weight became easy. it was hard to get rid of them pip talk in the book about how i was able to do that. but you can do it. then you're free. >> you are free and you look fantastic. you talk about the importance of regular weigh-ins.
8:35 am
you step on the scale every day. >> i do. i have a saying i tell myself. the more you weigh, the less you'll weigh. you step on the scale every day, you're reminding yourself of the mission. it takes the anxiety out of it. it's not like weigh-in day is the first of the month. it's just another day. you'll never get on the scale and find yourself 10, 15 pounds heavier if you're weighing yourself every day. >> congratulations. mara's book is in stores now. go to our websites for more of her tips. on yahoo!. >> get this stuff away from me. out to ginger. >> we're so proud and happy for you. what a nice crowd. good morning, y'all. i have nice photos. did you know there was a mountain in north dakota. you can see the reflection.
8:36 am
the arctic blast. the temperatures. if y'all are staying in new york city, look at the number. they keep falling today into the 20s and the teens. it will feel colder than the snow we were talking about south of chicago heaviest. lake-effect snow is starting to band up it will keep on going. that's the big picture let's get a check closer to home. >> reporter: thank ginger david murphy on the terrace sunshine and clouds, temperatures slipping into the 30s and we'll is sun an clouds and temperatures continuing to fall through the day. tomorrow, 29 with to show. ught to you by target. and animal plant's puppy bowl is back. you remember that. an exclusive first look.
8:37 am
55 pup peas taking on the geico stadium. fighting for mvp. most valuable puppy. the puppy bowl is sunday february 1st. we'll host our own as we always do right here on "gma" january 27th. george? i know you have cookies. we can't wait. we do. we have the cookies. ready for the big reveal. three new flavors this year of girl scout cookies. there we go. lift it up girls. >> there they are right now. there you go. lauren tell us about the cookies. >> oh well this one is the rah-rah raisin. the toffee-tastec. and the trios. >> two of them are gluten free. >> ye.
8:38 am
>> it's the first time they've done that. this is excellent. you can't understand what i'm saying. i'm going to let you talk. tell us what else the girl scouts have planned? >> i'm excited to sell girl scout canookies online for the first time. and national girl scout cookie week. >> what's your favorite? >> toffee-tastic. i'll taste it. get the full scoop on on yahoo! yahoo!. when we come back
8:39 am
8:40 am
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8:41 am
tt2w>rxlo ú:l#á.ú:jkd tt2w>rxlo ú:l#á0ú:q], it is 8:41. a big day for "bachelor" fans. just a few more hours before the season premiere. we're happy to have chris soules the brand-new bachelor with us this morning. we have a sneak peek of what we can expect to see tonight. [ laughter ] >> what? >> what? >> is she wearing? >> what is she wearing? >> hi. >> that's a short skirt. >> so nice to meet you.
8:42 am
you're so handsome. >> you're beautiful. you're stunning. look at you. >> does she have a dance costume on? >> what's your name? >> britney. >> that was just one of them. chris is here to tell us more about all of the ladies and by all of them i mean 30. that's a first for "the bachelor." usually, it's 25. >> typically, it's 25. >> so five more. sounds like a handful. >> it was. it was quite a night. overwhelming from a -- for a smalltown farm boy to be dating 30 women at once. 29 more than i'm used to dating obviously. it was exciting. and all the women were exceptional. some wild entrances that -- >> does that scare you away or can you appreciate the fact that they're trying to make an impact of some sort? >> um i think it's -- you know everybody is trying to make an impact an impression. i think it helps. if it's done with tact and i
8:43 am
think it can be kind of cute. >> we saw britney wearing, i don't know what that is. i can -- i know it's white. >> really? >> what was it a doily? >> maybe. >> maybe a doily. any other shocking entrance. >> there was one that took my breath away. she -- >> in a good way or in an i need a hospital way. >> i don't know. it made me blush almost. she told me that i could plow her field any day. >> oh, no. >> so that -- >> using the old farming jokes, i see. >> it was cute. at first, i was like, okay wait a minute. i got to meet her. she's a classy girl. >> speaking of farming. your nickname is prince farming. as in charming. you're from eyeiowa. farming is your life. you have made a business. are you hoping one of those ladies will come back and live
8:44 am
that life with you? >> it's the hope. i went into the process with an open mind and heart. once i did that hopefully, everything else will fall into place. >> you don't like drama. we read that in "people" magazine. so we wonder chris, why would you do this show? >> i did it for the sole reason to find my soul mate. and, you know, along -- with that and along with this journey, obviously there will be drama i have to deal with. but i think it was worth it. >> worth it? >> absolutely. >> you're very good. you're poker-faced. they have trained you well young jedi. your smile is delightful. we wish you the best. we're going to get to see it play out. it begins tonight, the three-hour premier including a live event hosted by my pal, chris harrison. it starts at 8:00. thank you, best of luck prince farming. coming up common john
8:45 am
legend, performing live. so don't go anywhere. ♪
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hey, cal. snap out of it buddy. sorry. just day dreaming. about a classic truck with flames? yeah! custom chrome... right! and one more to complete the collection. (laughing) alright. how'd you know? you've got the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery. yeah. $1,000,000 super cash, with top prizes of $1 million.
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(male announcer) want to see your dreams come to life? you could scratch your way to instant winning. the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life. [ cheers and applause ] yes, that's for grammy winners common and john legend. they've teamed up for a -- oh, a powerful song called "glory." featured on the sound track of the brand-new movie "selma." it's scored them a golden globe nomination. first wergs want to check in with the fellas. good to see you both. >> good morning. >> had a great new years? >> yes. >> this friday the premier of "selma." tell me, beginning with you, john what it feels like to be part of a movie like this? >> well first of all, the movie tells a story of a powerful movement.
8:48 am
a movement that is still relevant today. still inspires us today. we just tried to write a song that lived up to the -- the -- the importance and the significance of this great movie and this great movement. >> it's great that it is bringing more attention, the nominations that you received four nominations for the film the oscar buzz. you are in the film my man. >> yes. >> and then the director said, hey, can you make a little music. so you called this guy here? >> i called john up i tell him, man, let's do this song for "selma." he's like let's go. i gave him a couple of titles i thought would work. he loved glory the most. from that point heshs took it there. and now we're here. >> you alluded to it. it plays toward the the end of film over the credits. it captures the spirit of the movement and the time. as you said john the mood of the nation right now. >> i wanted a song when i
8:49 am
talked to common on the phone, one of the words i said was majestic. i felt like at the end of the movie, we needed something powerful and inspiring and majestic. also a bit optimistic. also acknowledging what is happening right now. everything is not perfect right now. we have a long way to go. i think common's lyrics capture that perfectly. he talked about what happened 50 years ago but what is happening in america right now. this song looks back at the film but inspires young people that want to create change right now. >> divine timing. >> and your mama and daughter like it too? >> yes. >> that helps. >> she said it gave her chills. >> i'll let you move on to the microphone. "selma" is in theaters friday. "glory" is available for download right now. common and john legend.
8:50 am
♪ one day when the glory comes it will be ours it will be ours ♪ ♪ oh one day when the war is won we will be sure we will be sure ♪ ♪ oh glory glory glory oh glory glory ♪ ♪ hands to the heavens no man no weapon formed against just glor us are december tin every day women and men become legends ♪ ♪ since that go against our skin become blessings ♪ ♪ freedom is like religion to us justice is juxtapositioned in us justice for all just ain't specific enough ♪ ♪ one son died the spirit has
8:51 am
revisited us two are living in us resistance is us that's why rosa sat on the bus that's why ♪ ♪ we walk through ferguson with our hands up when it goes down we woman and man up they say stay down we move up ♪ ♪ pointed to the mountain top and we ran up ♪ ♪ wounone day when the glory comes it will be ours it will be ours ♪ ♪ glory glory glory oh glory now the war is not over victory isn't won ♪ ♪ we'll fight on to the finish and when it's all done we'll cry glory oh glory ♪
8:52 am
♪ oh glory ooh glory ♪ >> selma is now for every man woman and child they march with the torch we're goin that run with it now never run back we done got hundreds of miles from dark roads to become a hero facing a league of justice his power was the people, enemy is lethal but king became regal saw the face of jim crow under the bald eagle the. biggest weapon is to stay paceful. somewhere in the dream we had an e pif epiphany now we right the wrongs in history. ♪ one day when the glory comes it will be ours it will be ours oh glory glory ♪ ♪ glory oh oh, oh ♪
8:53 am
[ cheers and applause ]
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we learned so much on our promos. when are we doing that? hey, john, common thank you, thank you. what we needed this morning. everyone beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. >> you kr v brought us into the new year in the best way. just play us off. have a great day, everyone. ♪ >> good morning earn, 8:56, monday january 5. i'm matt o'donnell. let's start things off with a look at traffic and karen
8:57 am
rogers. >> reporter: hi, matt we have an accident involving an overturned vehicle, it may be on its side and down the embankment. we have police and emergency worker on the scene. this is bensalem i-95 at street road southbound traffic heading toward woodhaven. it seemed heavier earlier. it is blocking the right lane they may need to restrict traffic. i-95 southbound slowing from 413 to street road in bensalem bucks county. where we have this new accident. a vehicle fire south hampton ton avenue at willow grove avenue. we have down wires out here huntington valley byberry road is shut down heaten road. stick to county line road. >> david murphy has the forecast. >> reporter: matt we're on the terrace with sun and clouds, very cold. the temperatures have dipped
8:58 am
into the upper 30s after spending the rest of the morning in the 40s. the winds is whipping so it feels like the upper 20s. it's a cold and bluster afternoon temperatures in the 30s. tomorrow the rush hour is dry we'll get light snow through the day and it will wrap up in the afternoon with small accumulations from a coating to an inch. in south jersey and delaware, one to two and going higher. wednesday cold 28. >> coming up on expanded edition of "action news" pike county court where accused cop killer eric frein is making an appearance right now. the new bachelor is live on "live" with kelly and michael. see you later.
8:59 am
9:00 am
announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, from the series "empire," taraji p. henson. and you'll meet the new bachelor chris soules. and all month long we're going to help you kickstart the new year starting this week with the latest fitness work outs. pluts, get ready to play the new game in time, "live's" winter wild travel trivia. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪ [cheers and applause]


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